When the story is said and done, our little bit may be invisible, but if we help encourage, push, and nudge things along, if we can just help, that would be fine. 
Each of us has the power to inspire, support us to support our marine mammals.

"Some of the greatest minds on earth live in the seas."

Caithness Seal Rehab & Release is the only seal sanctuary in Caithness. The closest sanctuary is over 190 miles away which is a long and stressful trip for a young seal pup. The only other alternative is a trip on the ferry over to Orkney.

Featured Sponsors and Donations

Thank you to Kelly Murphy for our wonderful seal badges to sell. They are fantastic.


Thank you to Mary & Will Bushell for their kind donation to Caithness Seal Rehab & Release.

Thank you to Billy Tomlinson for his generous donation of fish to stock our freezer, keep them coming.


Thank you to Jo & Karina at the Crofters Snug for their very generous donation, it is much appreciated.

Thank you to Kathy Thomas, Ivor Thomas, George Pain and Tom Armitage for all your hard, valuable work and time.


Also thank you to Kathy & ivor for their generous donation. You are stars.

Thank you to our neighbors, Julie & Phil for all your hard work digging us the swimming pool and drainage. The digger & dumper were invaluable, as was your hard work.


Thank you to Tom Armitage for donating almost half of his wages earned working for us, to the seals.

Thank you to Julie & Phil for donating two heat mats to the centre. Costing just over £500. The seals will love you.

How it all began.......

Thank you to all involved, we could not have done it without you.

Our first task was to get the outside deep pool done before the weather turned nasty. Lucky for us, the sun stayed out and work began. Quite a daunting task building a swimming pool. We had help from all out friends, the Duncansby Coastguard team and one or two campers. I must admit, the pool does look inviting. The area around the pool is securely fenced off so pups can't escape. Next, we began work on the hospital area indoors. The walls have been sealed and painted. The floor has been sealed and painted. The electrics have been done, as has the plumbing. We are just waiting on our panels for the seal pens then I think we are all geared up. There is still a bit of work to do in the paddling pool, rockery room. But this will be finished in the next week or so.

Take a look at some pictures.

All donations are accepted
So far £4850.00 has been raised in 2022/2023 by donations from the very generous members of the public, all of whom are super stars and have given our seal pups a new life in the wild. Money raised was from between November 2022 to March 2023. This will be used for veterinary visits, medication, blood tests, and of course, for fish.

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In 2023/2024 we are hoping to raise £5000.00 to cover the costs for fish and veterinary fees. So far from the 1st May to 12th June we have raised £1064.00. What a fantastic effort from all visitors to the cafe, campsite and B&B. Thank you very much.

We are also hoping to raise £12,000.00 for hospital improvements, to make life more comfortable for the seals, easier for us to work in and make the changes that are needed.

Thank you to Animal Friends Pet Insurance for donating £5000.00 towards hospital improvements. What a fantastic start to our fundraising.

Rescues for the 2022/2023 Season

For the grey pupping season of 2022 we rescued in total 14 seal pups. We went out to numerous other calls where pups were found to be healthy enough to leave where they were.

Our first seal pup was Arrabella, from Dunnet beach on the 8th November; 2nd was Bunty from Noss Head on the 16th November; 3rd was Clyde from Dunbeath on the 19th November; 4th was Lars from Dunbeath on the 19th November; 5th was Olive from Murkle on the 20th November; 6th was Ernie from Dunnet beach on the 20th November: 7th was Spike from Staxigoe on the 23rd November; 8th was Johnny from John 'O Groats on the 23rd November; 9th was Dinky from Brough Bay on the 27th November; 10th was Lucky from Dunnet beach on the 10th December;  11th was Davina from Gills Bay on the 28th December; 12th was Fred from Freswick beach on the 5th January; 13th was Bruce from Keiss beach on the 29th January; 14th was Cupid from Brora on the 14th February.